How to go Turkistan?


How to go Turkistan? 

Our conference is going to be hosted by Ahmad Yasawi University, which is located in Turkistan city of Kazakhstan. Turkistan has a very central location on the Asian continent, and is quite close to Uzbekistan and Kyrgzstan. 

There is not an airport in Turkistan, and the closest airport is in Shymkent, which is the 3rd biggest and most populated city of Kazakhstan. Air Astana and Air Scat have many flights from different destinations all over the world reaching Shmykent, Almaata and Astana. There are also many domestic flights between these 3 cities. 

Many other airlines (Turkish Airlines, Qatar, Lufthansa, Emirates, Chinese Southern, etc.) also have direct & connecting flights to 2 main cities in Kazakhstan; Almaata and Astana.  

The distance between Shymkent and Turkistan is around 160 km, and we will take care of transfers with shuttle buses. It takes around 2 hours by buses.

You can contact us for cheap flight alternatives from Istanbul to Kazakhstan. 





Air Astana flies to many destinations all over the world. 
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